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London SW19 2QF
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About Us


Welcome to our web site. We are a husband and wife team that provides bookkeeping, accounting, taxation and computer services. We operate from offices in our home in South West London but, if practical, regular bookkeeping is done from client's premises.

We specialise in providing accountancy services for companies on a part-time basis. Many companies are not able to pay enough to attract knowledgeable and experienced accountants. Such companies are also not able to offer long-term career opportunities. This results in them employing either technically limited bookkeepers without ambition or inexperienced trainee accountants who will soon leave. My solution to this problem is to split my time between working alone with some clients and with other clients I work in a supervisory role with my wife doing the bookkeeping.

Some businesses only require monthly or quarterly accounting, often combined with preparation of VAT returns. Sole traders sometimes only require annual accounts and preparation of income tax returns.

As well as compliance work we also offer advice on accounting, taxation, computer software (especially accounting software) and computer hardware.